Hi there, I’m
🥕 Vegan, live in Madrid
Introverted productivity nerd
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I was born in late 20th century Beijing, to a bourgeois family, my dad was a chief mining designer and my mom was a news journalist. From the age of 2, I was already learning classical Piano from reputable teachers, I played Mozart, Johann Strauss Jr, and Felix Mendelssohn. I was also granted some of the earliest computers that had access to the internet to play with all day. And my dad would teach me ins and outs of the operating system, software, and web browser. He also read me cutting-edge technology and science publications, while my mom feeds me on world politics and news. Those were my happiest days. Then at the age of 5, I was left behind to be raised by my grandparents in distant rural areas since my parents have to work very hard for business. It was a huge setback for me, all of a sudden, I had no one to talk to, I felt like my brain was rusting away but there was nothing to be done. It was around this time I started talking to myself and grow a deeply introverted personality. I would repeatedly listen to the only piano tape I brought with me that plays the Lyphard Melodie album. To make things worse, I have an aunt that have some conflicts with my mother, we live together in the same house, she would pinch my ear and warn me not to touch the appliances they bought, which includes the fridge and the TV. Despite this, all the kids in the village would come to visit my place and gaze at my computer, and I would share the games installed to let each of them play. I returned to downtown Beijing in my 2nd grade but things were hard and I was discriminated against by the teacher who called me a poor peasant kid on the first day of school. I got transferred back and forth between the city and farm schools 7 times from 1st grade to 9th grade. I had enough of that so I decided I would take control of my life and I go study in the United States for high school no matter what. Luckily my English was good and my mother was supportive. So I lived and studied in Champaign Illinois for my high school years. I've had a happy high school life, joined the varsity track and field team, sang in the church choir, made friends with black and Asian kids, and fell in love with a girl. But the good didn’t last, I soon learned that my mom’s new company went bankrupt, and owe a huge amount of loans to the bank. I returned to Beijing and soon dropped out of college and took a training class for iOS programming then found a job, but I didn't see my future in mathematics, but I found my passion in working with interfaces, so two years later, I became a UI Designer.