Make Figma design
More Orgnized +Easier to navigate
"Sections have a separate and more focused use case than Frames, Section’s parenting and selection behaviours are also different." - keeyen @figma
How does it help?
Sections can make your design file more structured and informative, this is especially helpful in collaboration and handoff
Clarified Design Clusters
Your collaborators and front end devs no longer have to go through each frame to catch up with your designs
Document Component Variants
You can now use sections to better document your component variants so it's easier to maintain when you come back to them at a later time.
Some other features
Figma sections is built with native support in mind, so you don't have to worry about not being able to edit them without the plugin open.
Quick ThemingQuickly switch between 6 ready made themes
Native supportCollaborators without the plugin can also copy and edit sections
Infinite NestingSections can be nested inside of other sections endlessly
The plugin comes with 2 files free trial that lets you use any number of sections, activation will be required for use in additional files. One time purchase for life-time usage.
free trial
Two files
Free updates
One account
Unlimited files
Free updates
Technical Support
Everyone in your team
Unlimited files
Free updates
Technical Support
What others say
"An instant kill to design management plugins and softwares."
"Artboard/Frame/Section: may be considered the same, tho infer different intent with use / context"
Utsav Sheth
"Thank you for the New Figma sections. 1. Help me to stay organized on my board 2. No need to use Dividers "
"The Section function added to Figma is very good. The manual work of enclosing the elements you want to classify in a rectangle, labeling them, and grouping them is now easier and cleaner."
Planned Features...
Figma Section will continue to receive updates to further enhance the experience, below are features that are planned to come in future version, let me know your thoughts :)
Color presets customization
Dynamic Padding Calculation