Pro Layout Panel
Make Autolayout
Easier, Faster, more Predictable
All properties in one place, giving you unprecedented control and speed.
What does it do?
Pro layout panel brings deep improvements to Figma's layout workflow by overhauling the UI but maintaining the same intuitiveness.
Shortest Navigation
No flyout menus and dropdowns, everything stays where they appear.
Maximum Consistency
Fixed a ton of quirky native behaviors to make things feel more natural.
Pushing every limit
Additional features that are supported natively in Figma but not possible in via native UI
Some other features
Pro layout panel is built with efficiency at it's core, so it comes with a ton of detailed life quality features
Shortcut support
Shortcut like ⇧A, ⌘Z still functions when focused on the Plugin window
Independent property editing
So you can do stuff like bidirectional hugging and hug-scaling easily
4 Based Scrubbing
All input fields default to the nearest multiple of 4, hold ⇧ to change to 8
Independent padding values
Padding input fields supports values separated by space or comma
Resizing mode inheritance
The parent and children resizing modes tend to be more resilient
Input math calc
Allows for complex arithmetic operations in input fields
Figma Tokens integration
Free direction retains gap and padding values
Free Direction
Free direction retains gap and padding values
AL v4.0 & Dark Theme
Free direction retains gap and padding values
The plugin comes with a 14 day unlimited free trial, after which a license key will be required for activation, one time purchase for life-time usage and free updates.
14 days trial period
Full features
Free updates
One account
Full features
Free updates
Technical Support
Everyone in your team
Full features
Free updates
Technical Support
Planned Features...
Pro layout panel will continue to grow and receive updates to further enhance your workflow, below are features that are planned to come in future version, let me know your thoughts :)
Save and apply Auto layout styles